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Monday, 11 March 2013

Day 70, Crochet Workshops, The BBC & more!

After my rant yesterday, I had the following responses on Twitter....

@CrochetAli well said,I have a USA/UK conversion table under my bookmarks as always need it, will dismissed a pattern if in USA sometimes!

@CrochetAli well done for sticking to your guns!!

@CrochetAli completely agree with your rant! Love that you promote UK terminology. Hope you had a good day :)

@CrochetAli I always strongly advise anyone i teach to crochet to avoid american books at least untill they are fully aware of english terms

   And then whilst watching "Call the Midwife" on BBC1 they were talking about KNITTING squares for a blanket, however the blanket miraculously turned into a very nice CROCHET blanket in the end and at one point the blond nurse was knitting squares whilst balancing crochet squares on her knee!  I have tweeted the BBC:

 Dear @BBC1 in #callthemidwifethey were knitting blanket squares that turned into a #crochet blanket. How is that possible? #mystery

but as yet there is no response, despite several re tweets from fellow eagle eyed TV viewers & crocheters/knitters alike.

I took a Crochet Workshop today. It was the last of the extra 3 weeks after a 4 week workshop & it was very sad to see the ladies go.  Before they went I took lots of pictures of what they have made.......

 These squares were made by "P" who had trouble understanding a Granny Square in her 3rd lesson

And now she's making FAB rectangular Granny's

For Baby's Pram Blankets!

"R" made these Granny Squares

Double Crocheted them together

And lined the Project bag after attaching Curtain Ring Handles

She also made this sock (1 of 2) for her Grand Daughter after a little help with following a pattern!

And here they both are enjoying their last workshop

Practicing things in their "wishlist"

They have both said that they will come again, possibly for another  workshop or maybe just for a few One 2 One classes or even to my Crochet Clinic which I intend to hold over the Summer Holi

Do you like my Crochet Clinic Logo??

A very talented lady on Twitter "swapped" getting this design together for me in exchange for a free Course 1 of my eLearning Crochet Course 

A great swap as I couldn't have made that fantastic artwork myself!!  Not only that but she is now learning to Crochet!

And finally - After all the excitement I have had today, including try to keep up with a Crochet Submission Deadline, this is the square for day 70

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