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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day 78 - Granny Squares with Students!

I spent this morning packing up Top Secret Project #1 & email off the pattern - phew! It was all sorted at the 11th hour & I worked like the wind to get it ready in time.

Now for Top Secret Project #2! I made a colour swatch, which wasn't 100% right, so I had 2 hours mid day today & 1 hour after teaching from 2 till 4 to get another one to them.  I am waiting their answer!

My Beginners class went really well today - they were all pleased to have started Granny Squares and they all went at a different pace, but I swiftly ran around the table from one pupil to another, getting them all to where they wanted / needed to be!

Homework for next week is to start a NEW Granny Square (in a new colour) of at least 5 rows & bring the one that they made in class with them!!  I am doing this to get them to read and understand the pattern as this is something that needs to be practiced by all beginners!

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures so you will need to check back next week.

Day 78 is still managing to be made in a new colour


  1. Hi Ali, best of luck to you and happy teaching. I am almost done with the granny rectangle scarf. I will show a photo when I am finished making it this week. Take care, Julie - USA

  2. Grannies are best! Good to hear you are teaching so many more people to know and love them! Please please show us the secret project-- the suspense is driving me crazy!!!!!

    K J (East Sussex)

  3. Well done on getting one off - good luck with the next :)


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