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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day 64, Class News & GiveAway!!

If you missed the details of my GiveAway
Just click on this link
And follow the instructions to be in with a chance to win a fantastic prize!!

Now for today's news....

First of all I got an email from one of my suppliers today who lives in Wales & he told me:

Crosio Hapus (Happy crocheting in Welsh)

 so if you are Welsh then "Crosio Hapus"

I think I might try to collect as many "Happy Crocheting" in different languages that I can, so if you can help me then please leave a comment.  I will add a gadget to the side of this page for a little collection!

In my first Intermediates Crochet Class of the day, one of my Crochet Pupils brought this in to show me.

 It's dated September 19th 1925

And this IS the Water - Lily Lace in the picture below that her Mother Crocheted all those years ago!

Unfortunately the photo's above and below do NOT do the fine and beautiful work justice at all.

In today's class we practiced Join as You Go

Can you see my "Twitter Blanket" pattern in the photo below??

Now for the Beginners Class held this Afternoon

This is "C" who is practicing getting straight edges - she is doing so well that she's gone beyond Double Crochet & is already steaming ahead with Half Trebles & Trebles!!

She brought this wonderful book with her today and I was mesmerized by the colourful illustrations, however I felt badly let down with the poor instructions for beginners e.g. "work into the specified stitch" and the fact that it was written in US Crochet Terminology, but didn't explain that either, so totally confusing for a Brit Beginner sadly!

And this is "J" who is mastering Double Crochet

And "L" who was previously FIGHTING with her hook and wool, is now making perfect little rows of Double Crochet! YAY

Here they all are DEEP in concentration amidst the Crochet toys, cushions, hats & scarfs in the Crochet Classroom

Day 64 is upon us already so I once again have a square to show off

And this is Day 64 in a very deep lavender which looks so Spring / Crocus like!

Remember that there is always my eLearning Course to help you on your Crochet Way if you are a Beginner & I am working on Course 2 to take you further into the lovely world of Crochet, which will be published soon.


  1. Ali that is just wonderful how you are teaching all of your students to learn how to crochet! Thanks for sharing and your students are lucky to have you.
    Julie - USA

  2. Nice how you are teaching :)

    "FeliƧ ganxet" happy crochet in catalan.

    Have a great time!

    Lluisa x


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