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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

GAD 241, Crochet Class & a new WIP

My new WIP

Lots of little flowers which will eventually be joined (as you go)

in 3 rows (deep)

each row getting longer and longer & then twisted Mobius style at the end

The only problem is that when I read the pattern I read "sock yarn" so out came my sitting there, unused ball, well, not unused but more of a "I have used most of it making a pair of socks ball of yarn" and now there's some left over and enough (I think) for this next WIP.

But I must go on to say that I didn't read the bit that says "each flower should measure 7cm"

When I got my ruler out mine measured 4.5cm, so I don't know what kind of sock wool / yarn the designer was using!!

I will just have to make more flowers to get the "finished" measurement and probably buy another ball of wool to finish it off!!
 So much for trying to use up unused balls!

Next is this hexagon that I made with one of my pupils in class today.

We are following a pattern that is for a floor rug which suggests using double strand super chunky

But for practice purposes to follow the pattern, we are using normal single strand DK

GAD started by unraveling this

Which eventually turned into this!

Errata is that I stated last night I said that my blanket was 12 by 16 squares when in fact its 15 by 16 squares &  my husband has worked out that at the end of the year I will have 5 squares too many!

What is a girl to do?? 

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