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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

GAD 227 Something a little floral

I made this in class today

A "wedding" flower from a pattern in the book that I got for my birthday.
My pupil wanted help with following a pattern and this is the pattern that she chose 
which was very brave of her as it involved working front and back loops
plus working behind the first set of petals of the initial rows

She did exceptionally well with her flower & at the end of the lesson we chose beads to finish the flower of with.

I might make some more of these but with the recommended finer cotton yarn and a thinner hook

It seemed a shame to waste it in as much as popping it into my basket of  "this is what I made one day in class"

So I decided to make GAD 227 

With my beaded flower as the centerpiece, so this is my first floral beaded GAD for 2012


  1. Such a fancy square to add to your blanket!
    Here is my blanket as of today.... http://marshasspot.blogspot.com/2012/08/wip-wednesday-81512.html

    Still worried about not having enough yarn. I have more of the darker yellow, purple, red and maroon in my yarn drawers but don't really want to end up with only a few colors in the last corners LOL

  2. Hi! Good idea and use for this flower. I had a flower lying around for a while, so I made a hair clip for my daughter. I blogged about it yesterday. come check it out: http://oneplustwowhattodo.blogspot.com/2012/08/crochet-daisy-hair-clip.html

  3. Hi Marsha, yes it was a bit "fancy" for my GAD blanket but at least it has a purpose now - loving your blanket too - it's looking Fantastic!

    Hi NP - I will make some more of these flowers in a finer thread and make some hair accessories with them, the pattern is originally for "wedding" flowers to decorate a dress etc. but in class I just used a normal DK wool for the demonstration.

    Thanks for your comments girls - Ali x


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