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Sunday, 5 August 2012

GAD 216, 217 & 218 oh and a 1st Prize!

Friday is GAD 216
Just a grab in the basket kind of colour combination which worked very compassionately together don't you think?

Ah now for the 1st prize bit!

Yes I won 1st in the local Village Show

For the "My Hobbies" section

of the Handicrafts

I am so chuffed + I won a £1 coin too!!
What can I spend it on I wonder?

GAD 217 for the same day denotes the grey skies and many showers that adorned my day

And after a very busy weekend and an even busier Sunday I have 
GAD 218 made
in a soft blue framed with a baby yellow

That's all for now folks 
Hope you have had a good weekend 


  1. The top you made for the village show is stunning. If I was a little slimmer I would be asking for the pattern. It's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Fiddly Fingers, I agree that you need a "slim" figure to pull it off! I originally made it with a view to wearing it but I need to be 2 sizes smaller to make it look right!

  2. Congrats on your first place win!
    I've gotten together some more yarn for my squares but it will be next week before I include them in my blog post.

  3. postingan yang bagus tentang"GAD 216, 217 & 218 oh and a 1st Prize! "


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