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Friday, 10 August 2012

GAD 222 (Thursday) & GAD 223 (Friday)

GAD 222 is a rather non descript Baby Lime Green & Royal Blue number which is a GAD but not a very exciting one.....

....now for some more exciting news!

My friend and neighbour who is in love with wood and wood turning and such like, made me this very gorgeously beautiful wool holder

You put your ball of wool on it and crochet away and the wool keeps on coming!  The clever thing is that the  holder weeble woobles so all eventualities of pulling at the wool just seems to "happen"
It' s the best thing since sliced bread!!
So if you want one let me know and I will get you a price.

Now for GAD 223

It's my Husband & I's  double anniversary today.

We met on the 10th August 1998
Married on the 10th August 2004

So today we are celebrating our 14th & 8th Anniversary's
Need I say more about the commemoration for GAD 223?
It speaks for itself I think


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoyed your day. The wool thing looks great......I always keep mine in a bag/on the chair next to me and I spend half my life untangling yarn!

  2. postingan yang bagus tentang"GAD 222 (Thursday) & GAD 223 (Friday) "


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