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Friday, 30 March 2012

What a Day!

My first Crochet Class of the day was with a total beginner who want's to learn how to make a Giant Rainbow Granny Square Blanket!  
I double double checked with her that this is exactly what she wanted to learn and once confirmation was given we got started on a Foundation Chain, which she very quickly got nice and "uniform" looking and then we went on to Trebles which she soon got the hang off.
So in the 2nd hour we progressed to making her first Granny Square and like a professional crocheter she was handling her yarn well and by the end of the lesson she had made 2 rows of a Granny Square! 
Her homework is to practice a little every day and I am already looking forward to seeing her next week.

Next is my Saturday lady who came on a Friday!
Look what she has made for a friends "moving in" present 

And look at this STAR blanket she's made too!

In the lesson we put her Teddy together - he's a very nice shade of blue and I showed her how to sew on the legs, the head and the ears - so it was more of a "joining together" lesson than a crochet one!

Last lesson of the day started with joining a PINK Teddy!!!
I think my Lemon, Ice & Chocolate Teddies have started a trend

So here is PINKY (we are not sure if it's a Teddy or a Piggy yet LOL) with Head and Ears joined

We then went on to working in Trebles in a round to make a round cushion cover!

Needless to say after 5 hours of teaching today, I am shattered!

Granny a Day 90 is here

As plain as you can get a Granny Square but I didn't have the energy for colour changes

And here are all 90 Granny a Day Granny Squares to date!


  1. That star blanket is absolutely spectacular! Dammit - I thought I'd got all my crocheted blankets done, might have to reassess.

  2. Mrs Jones! I know its so inspiring isn't it! I have it on my list of things to crochet as I think its wonderful! Let me know if you start one won't you?


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