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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day # 80 and more (including homework!!)

I started making this bag yesterday.  It's another pattern that I bought from www.crochet.spot.com with the dog bone pattern that I blogged about yesterday

 Well I managed to finish it today

And I am very pleased with the outcome.  Can you see that it has 2 buttons?  One on the top by the handles and one at the bottom (on the red square)


Because you can fold it up and pop it in a larger bag like a hand bag , and take it with you just in case you pick up more shopping than you expected and that happens quite often!

I took a crochet lesson today and my pupil wants to make a cardigan, so together, in 4ply 100% cotton, we made the motifs together.
She convinced me that I should do the project with her and once I had given her her homework of making the 12 motifs needed as the first phrase of the project, I soon realised that I have the same homework to do too!!


On top of that I made my GAD # 80

A white center, a cream frame to that, finished off by a chocolate brown edging.


  1. i love the bag

  2. Thanks crochetdyverse I love it too! It has turned out very well and I like the colours. Thanks for your comment, you are very kind to stop by.


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