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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day # 85 and I have so much to tell you / show you!

So much to tell you and show you indeed!

Today has been a busy, busy day, I can tell you - so lets start at the beginning.

No. 1 - Our clocks went forward as it's Spring time so Spring Forward & we lost an hour, however the current advantage to that is that our mornings are a little darker for a little longer, so I get to sleep later!

No. 2 - Do you remember this bag that I made last week?

Well I decided that it would be better off lined, so things put into it wouldn't fall out through the holes

So that's what I did

I lined it and now it's ready to go!

No.3 - This is Granny A Day # 85 - I didn't feel blue today but I fancied a change of recent colours so I chose white for the center and then various shades of blue for the other rows.

No. 4 - I added a row of Clover Yellow to my Ripples blanket

And then a row of Coral

And now I am working on a row of Pale Green 

I am using the following method from the Compendium of Crochet Techniques by Jan Eaton  which is to make a foundation chain in whatever length you like, as long as you use multiples of 12 and add 3

I made 240 chains and added 3 and so I had 243
I then followed the following sequence:

1 treble into 4th chain from hook (so you have chains (counts as one treble) and one treble in the same space)
Then 3 trebles
3 trebles 
2 trebles into each of next 2 trebles (to create 2 "V" shapes)
Then repeat to the end
putting 2 trebles into the very last stitch

So at the start and the end you have 2 trebles going into the same stitch
and in between you make 3 trebles and decrease (so 2 trebles together or 2trtog)
and then make another 3 trebles and increase into next 2 stitches (so 2 trebles into one stitch & 2 trebles into the next one)


I will try to write that out in a more civilized manor one day very soon - in the meantime you can try to follow what I have said above OR by Jan Eaton's book via the link above!

That's all folks 

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