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Saturday, 17 December 2011

My last Blog Post before Christmas 2011 *pulls a sad face*

Yes, this is the last blog post as I am going to Egypt (the birth place of my Grandfather) on holiday for the Festive Season.

So, today I had my last Crochet Lesson of 2011.  JC was my pupil and she's the lady that got me hooked on Rainbows!  Today, I taught her how to follow a couple of patterns that she would otherwise have abandoned due to frustration and here are two examples of her work

Firstly we created these lovely little flowers + worked on joining a new colour behind the flower so that one can continue to work in a square

And then we went on to a flower that requires chains to be worked behind the petals so that more & large petals can be worked behind the smaller ones in the front!

JC is a great pupil to teach.  She sits there talking to herself "one double crochet, two chains, three trebles..." "oh, I did three trebles but meant to do three chains....."
"Wool over..."

and on she chats, which really makes me chuckle as she's obviously concentrating hard.

What a great lesson  to end 2011 on!

Wishing you all a 

Merry Christmas

and I will be back in time for 2012


  1. These flowers are beautiful! I am amazed at the variety of your lessons and projects. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Thank you Angela for your kind comment. I like to teach the basics then go on to what the the students want to make as soon as it's possible and not too ambitious. I think this idea works well as I would hate to have to sit there and make something that I didn't like! Hope you had a good Christmas. I had a fantastic holiday thanks - Ali


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