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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Another day in my Crochet World

Hi everyone, I had a busy day yesterday with a Crochet Class at a local "Arty" Cafe to start the day off.  I went to speak to the owner about holding Crochet Classes at her venue in January 2012 and not only did she think it was a great idea, but she wanted to take a few classes herself!

Next was one of my regular students who I haven't seen for a few weeks due her having a major cold last week, which she kindly text me about to let me know, so we rescheduled.  She came along producing one completed beanie hat - 

Isn't it simply FANTASTIC

When she came to me 5 lessons ago, she didn't know how to crochet and now she's turning out Beanie Hats and a scarf for her Mother's Christmas present, which we decided between us that it would be very ambitious to complete in time for the day, so it's now going to be a cowl.  So 10 hours of one to one lessons and she's doing wonders!

Another thing that I completed yesterday was to finish off the Beanie Hat ordered by my Postman.  I wasn't happy with the lettering - it was too "spidery" so I decided to make the lettering thicker....

....and now it looks perfect.

I also discovered a site called Urban Knit .co.uk and so I took a look on there.  They sell 100% Acrylic Scarves for £29.99!!!  I wish I could sell one of mine for that price!

I also started my commission order yesterday and all I have to do now is email the buyer with a photograph of the ear flap hat so far, to see if she would like anything added or altered before I finish it off.

Oh, and I contacted the Merton Abbey Mills people too that Mrs. Jones kindly left me a comment about - I am hoping that I can get a one off stall there this coming Sunday.  It's a "handmade" orientated place, so the people that go there to buy, are expecting to pay some money for goods, not like the craft fair that I did last week which I know I shouldn't moan about, as I actually did ok, but the people who went there were expecting car boot sale prices,  not "hand made" and not "mass produced".  So hopefully I will hear from them today and I can pack up my leftover stock (of which there is quite a bit) and Pixie my mannequin and spend the day selling my wares and giving out leaflets about my crochet classes!

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