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Thursday, 1 December 2011

My FIRST Crochet Tutorial - A Chunky Cowl

Ok - here's my first Crochet Tutorial - How to make a Chunky Cowl.  I have been meaning to make a Cowl to match my Chunky Beanie Hat and after searching my many Crochet Books and various websites, I decided to go it alone.

You will need:

A ball of Chunky Wool - I used Patons Caressa Express
6.5mm Hook

Stitch Used:  UK Treble Crochet or US Double Crochet

Abbreviations:  BLO = Back Loop Only

Start by making 55 chains

TIP:  If you are using a larger hook then make fewer chains e.g. with a 9mm hook you will only need to chain 48 - measure the foundation chain around your head for a bespoke fit!

And join with a slip stitch into the first chain to make a large loop / ring
TIP: Make sure your loop / ring is not twisted when you join it

Your Loop / Ring should look something like this

Now make 2 chains (I know we are working in Trebles, but I find that 2 chains works better - a tip I picked up from a Hat pattern some time ago.

Then work treble crochets into the foundation chain

When you get to the joining stage, do not slip stitch into the 2nd chain of the turning chain but the next one along

In the photo above,  the point of the hook is resting on the 2nd chain but I will slip stitch into the chain that's just above the hook point.

This will help to close the gap in the join or seam. 

Like above.

Then make 2 chains and Treble Crochet into each Treble below but into the BLO - the BACK LOOP ONLY 

This will give a nice "ridged" effect all along the row

This is my hook going into the BLO

And the "ridged" effect

Continue to work as many rows as you would like your Cowl to be.

At the end, with the last loop remaining on the hook, slip stitch into the 2nd chain away from the hook then fasten off and darn in the end.  I find that this gives you a smoother finish.

I managed 8 rows from my ball of wool. 

And here it is!

A nice chunky Cowl to keep you warm this winter!

One other thing that I find is that your original knot can stick out a bit, so I undo this, leaving a loop, insert my hook and then slip stitch into the 2nd chain away (going backwards if you like) from the hook then fasten off.  This creates a nicer / smoother finish.

p.s. Can you see some of my wool stash in the book shelves behind me?

Any Questions?? Please ask away.


  1. The cowl looks cosy. I am in the middle of making one, but I think your's is better!

  2. Thanks Gwen. I judged the 55 chains (using Chunky) on the size of head, so it slips over easily - you can add or subtract (for little ones) as you need to. It does make up very quickly. I thought of adding buttons too to "jazz" it up a little - maybe on the next one!

  3. Thank you Sue, I am thinking of posting my Filofax Cover tutorial in the New Year - do you think that it will be a popular one to do?

  4. You make it so easy..the best tutorial i came across. Loved ur blog :)


    1. Thank you Pratistha, I am glad that you like it!


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