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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Another FAB day in my Crochet Bubble + free edging pattern

Firstly I thought I would share the fact that I am now the proud, however, temporary owner of a stall at Merton Abbey Mills for Sunday 11th December 2011 - from 10am to 5pm
I am really looking forward to my day, however I am not relishing the weather, so I will have to hunt out my thermals.

Now to some more news.

A customer ordered a Lime Green Beanie Hat with Ear Flaps via my For Sale page, so after purchasing the wool and agreeing via emails that the colour was right, I got to work.

However once I had got the main hat made, I thought that it might look better with a contrast colour finish, as it was for a young lady, so another email later and that was agreed.

I decided on a White Blanket Stitch all the way around the edge

which I thought looked FAB

And this meant that the plaits could have a touch of White in them too, which really sets off the whole hat.
I am REALLY pleased to say that the customer loved it too.
"...it’s really lovely! Thank you SO much for doing this, I’m sure she’ll love it."

I also had a Crochet Class today.  VM had bought some 100% Cotton tape from a local wool sale recently and she wanted to make a scarf from it.  
She had started on her own using a "mesh" pattern from a book she has, but there was a mistake in the pattern so it wasn't working out.  She was also using a 4mm hook and this made the work really tight.

  We went through the pattern together and with my help we adjusted the pattern (a stupid little mistake that added one chain too many) and got to work together.
Fortunately I had some Cotton Tape in my stash, so we worked alongside each other and worked 3 rows, until VM felt comfortable with carrying on, on her own once at home.

I decided to use a 9mm hook and VM an 8mm hook (the wool label said 9mm knitting needles)
I am sure that you can see the difference that 1mm CAN make - the lighter scarf is coming up much larger using the 9mm hook than the red scarf using an 8mm hook.

VM also wanted to add a nice "edge" to each end, so again, together we worked on a pattern together, however the pattern she liked in the book didn't quite fit in with the scarf's end, so we made our own up.

This is what we did for the edge

Join the wool & 1 ch, 1dc, 3tr into the one chain space. (UK)
Join the wool & 1ch, 1sc, 3dc into the one chain space. (US)
Repeat all the way along
In the end chain space - 1dc, 2tr, 1dc & fasten off (UK)
1sc, 2dc, 1sc & fasten off (US)


  1. This is a cute project. The shell edging works well with it too.

    What is cotton tape? [cotton yarn?]

  2. Hi! thanks for your kind words - the shell edging does work well and we are both (me and my student) pleased with it!
    Cotton Tape would I suppose translate to cotton yarn - I will try to get a better photo (s) for you tomorrow - Ali


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