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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Merton Abbey Mills Craft Fair Today

I was up early and after a bit of breakfast my husband drove me to Merton Abbey Mills for 9am so that I could get my pitch.  I was initially allocated a 6 ft covered stall, but the Market Manager said that I could move to a more "productive" spot if none of the "regulars" turned up to claim them, however when he did come round to say I could move I was already set up.  However the 6ft space next to me was empty so he said that I could spread out, so that's what I did.

As you can see all my Crochet Creations are neatly arranged and I even got my blankets and shawls under cover due to the extra space I was given.

It was actually a REALLY quiet day, and by 3pm I had only sold a £4 flower brooch and a £11 (should have been £12 but she was a pound short so I let her off) Beanie hat.  So £15 sold and £10 for the pitch so I was £5 up!  Then the "sale of the day" came and a lovely chap came, took a look, went away again for half an hour and then came back and bought a £45 hat and scarf set for his wife! YAY.  I gave his daughter a £3 covered jar as a Christmas present, which I let her choose and her smile was thank you enough.

So all in all a long cold day, but it was an experience, I gave out a few leaflets on lessons and the other stall holders were all very kind and friendly.  We also had entertainment by a local Church "Gospel Choir" so I danced and sang along to keep warm.

I am home now and fed (chicken casserole cooked by hubby - how kind is that?) and about to continue crocheting my multi coloured scarf.

Will I do that again - yes - probably.


  1. Really glad you did quite well even though it was a quiet day. Hope the next one goes even better!

  2. Yay! In this economic climate, if you come out of a craft fair having made any profit whatsoever, then that's a success!

  3. Thank you both - I suppose I was dreaming of greater sales, but I am sure that in a few more craft fairs, I will be used to the "norm". Mrs Jones, there were quite a few Jewellery stalls there but not as many as I thought there would be!


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