"When you give a gift made with love,
It turns it into something priceless."

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Monday, 23 January 2012

New Pattern Available + Granny a Day 23, Class news & more!


Yes, it's my next pattern, a Love Heart
 with Valentines Day approaching,
you have plenty of time to get your Wool & Hook out and get making

CLICK HERE to be taken to the patterns page

"When you give a gift that you have made with love,
It turns into something priceless"
M.A.Campbell (that's me!)

Granny A Day - Day 23 - Chinese New Year, so in honour of Chinese New Year, I made a RED square as in China they consider Red a colour that brings good luck

Baby Blanket News!

I have decided that the blanket is now big enough, so I have made an edging of trebles to finish it off.  However me being me, I wasn't totally happy with that, so I have now made a further edging
An Edging for Edging !!

Yes, as you can see I have added a scalloped edge to the original edge by making a SC, then 2 tr's then another SC and repeated this.

I am really REALLY pleased with how this is looking now - I only hope that I have enough white 4ply to finish of the 2nd edging - otherwise it will mean a trip to the WOOL SHOP - oh no - poor me - the torture one has to endure! 

Finally I took a Crochet Class today and my pupil has now decided to start making a little Teddy Bear.  I am so pleased that she's so keen and that she's picking Crochet up so effortlessly.  The only downside to this of course is that she'll soon have learnt enough to be getting on with and won't come along for more lessons so often!
Oh well - that's life.
At least I have passed on a dying art, which she can then pass on to the next generation one day!

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