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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 28 GAD + New Granny Scarf

This is the new scarf I am making
It  has been inspired by:
A/ a scarf that I saw for sale in a Sunday Magazine that featured a VERY similar scarf for sale at £400!
I obviously have a lot more squares to add but these pictures will give you the general idea.

 Oh and I won't be charging £400 for it once its finished.

and B/ the fact that I am totally hooked on Granny Squares at the moment and just making one a day for Granny a Day is not feeding my addiction.

I really LOVE the black border - there will also be a black edging once I have enough squares made.

This is Granny A Day 28

And here are all 28!

I can't believe that WEEK 5 starts tomorrow!

Finally - remember the brooch that I told you that I had won from Good Girl Designs?

Well here it is on my black raincoat and it looks SUPER!
Shame it's not raincoat weather at the moment - I can't wait!


  1. Love the scarf Ali! The colours are smashing. Are you making it as long as the one in the photo?

  2. Hi Gwen - do you mean the one in the original photo in the Sunday Supplement?? If you do then NO!! It was far too long to be sensible. I think I will go for 12 squares long and then double the width so 2 squares wide then edge it in black & it will look FAB - love your Granny Squares by the way - they are on the blog under the Granny A Day tab!!

  3. I did think that one was far too long - OK for the catwalk tho'!! Lovin' the blog! Thanks for your kind words


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