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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day #15 & the start of WEEK 3 Granny-A-Day

Where has the month gone?  It's the start of week 3 of Granny - A - Day already!  
I started my day by checking for any #grannyaday entries on Twitter
Going through the Blog List of GrannyADay'ers to check if I had missed any squares.

I copied and pasted the ones I had missed or that I hadn't been made aware of & then I saved all of week 2's squares to my computer so that I can make a week 2 collage later today.

I am looking at my blog page right now and I can only see 49 Followers when I know that I have 64 (thanks to a new follower overnight).  When I click on my "options" button and then "manage members" it show me there that I have 64 followers so please don't think I have deleted anyone - hopefully it's a Google thing and it will all fall back into place soon.  It seems to fluctuate from 49 to 64 all the time so I will keep an eye on it and hopefully not get too frustrated - the main thing is that you don't think that I have deleted you!

Very quickly - last night I had a dream that I owned a local wool shop.  It was very "up to date" with lots of affordable colourful wools, ribbons and buttons - no "old lady syndrome" at all.  There were modern patterns available and Crochet & Knitting classes too, although the Crochet Classes were much more popular (LOL) It was such a success that I opened a 2nd local wool shop too.

Now for the catch up
Yesterday I started a draught excluder cosy
as I thought my draught excluder needed a makeover

So I worked in Trebles (that's DC in US terms)
with 2 balls of DK as the wool is on the thin side of DK 
& I used a 5mm hook

By lunchtime I had made progress!

However before the night was out.....

My Draught Excluder was cosier than I was & I love the way the mixed wool has worked up!
My new "Cosier than Me" Draught Excluder matches the colours in my lounge too YAY

I found this great link to all courses that are CRAFTY via Twitter
So I will share it with you:

Granny A Day #15
In shades of blue!

And I continue to work on my Baby Granny Square Crochet Blanket 

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