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Friday, 13 January 2012

Day #13 Granny A Day and 2 Crochet Lessons!

I am going to start this post with pictures of my friend modelling the lovely Purple Beret & Mittens that I made for her

Don't they look FANTASTIC
I think they do and they really looked great on her too!

So Day 13 of the Granny A Day challenge started of with a text from a pupil that was due for a lesson at 10am 

"Looking forward to meeting you today at 10 but don't be surprised if I turn out to be the first pupil you can't teach to crochet! W "

My reply to that text was

"Looking forward to meeting you too, I won't be surprised as I WILL be able to teach you to crochet"

And guess who's in the picture below?

Yes its WM crocheting away!

We covered 
  • Holding the wool correctly
  • Holding the hook correctly
  • Foundation Chain
  • Slip stitch or single crochet
  • double crochet &
  • treble crochet!
It was a fantastic start and WM is off home now to practice away at her stitches.

She's also booked a 2 hour lesson in for next week too!

And I can't wait to see the progress that she will make, because I know that she will make some great Crochet things!

Now this picture was brought to my attention via Susgood on Twitter & like she Tweeted
"it puts the Granny A Day project into perspective"

The Telegraph says that they are patchwork quilts, but after searching online I found another picture that confirms that these are indeed crocheted Granny Square Blankets / Afghans

 "7800 crochet blankets which were then donated to shelters"

Read more here

 Crochet Lesson #2 went very smoothly - an existing pupil from last year who couldn't crochet for toffee when she first arrived!  She's only had 7 lessons and she's doing so well.  So far she's made a few beanie hats, a Cafetiere cosy & a cowl for her Mum for Christmas to name a few things.  She is confident enough now to begin to read patterns on her own (beginners level) so that's a fantastic improvement to the girl who couldn't even make a slip stitch!

Last but not least is my GAD (Granny A Day) No. 13


  1. LOVE the Telegraph picture. Wow. And WD for spotting they are crocheted not patchwork!

  2. Thanks Rachel - the telegraph photo is amazing isn't it! Thanks for your comment - I love comments!


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