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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tales from - Get Hooked - Crochet Classes for Beginners - Lesson #4

Wow what a busy, busy week!  I have decided to take part in a Craft Fair on the 3rd December, so I have to get my stock levels up and stop giving things away!!

So far I have made 5 hats as seen below

I really like the ladies beanie with the flower to the side

It also takes time to expertly so in my new labels so that the stitches can't be seen - thank goodness for Mrs Ashworth my needlework teacher at school (I remember her words "the lazy man's way is the hardest")

And I have also made 2 of these in cream and started a red one

Now for my pupils fantastic creations!!
VM is cracking ahead with her Granny Square Shawl - she just has to decide on the final design, as there are some cream Granny Squares to add in too!

This is a great way to start a class - stitch reminders!! We normally start off with double crochet, then go on to trebles, half trebles and now double trebles!  It's a good exercise for working a block as most beginners miss working into the turning chain which will mean their work decreases OR they work into the base of the turn chain which will increase that row, but as you can see from the picture above we have a nice block!

 C brought in this beanie hat to show me - she had to take it from her son's head as he wanted to wear it for the day!!

Here she is making a square with a flower motif in the centre.  She has told me that she's going to make a cushion cover by next week!

Now here's the lovely D (with the fantastic nails) who was having trouble with snagging the wool she was using, so I sent her down to the shop to get another ball, and hey presto - she's working away on a treble flat circle with ease!

My new lady P(more fantastic nails!!) is also working well on a treble flat circle, which is great as this is her first class.  She's come along to revive the crochet skills she's learnt as a child.

These FAB Granny Squares were worked by MD who really is well and truly hooked now!

This very talented "new to crochet lady" kindly modelled this hat for me today....

& then she showed me her homework....

This flat circle worked in dc turned out to be more like a hexagon, so we worked out where it went wrong and she's going to practice again for her next lesson.

She also made this FAB granny square - its a lovely baby green colour

But to begin the lesson we practised our stitches

And to finish, she made this lovely lovely flower, which when she first looked at one that was finished, thought was too complicated, but after reading and following the pattern together, the finished flower says it all!

And finally - CD has produced these Granny Squares in just 1 week


They are all doing so very well - I am so pleased with their achievements and hard work 
Well done ladies!

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