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Monday, 8 March 2010

Weekend Crochet efforts

I did spend alot of time at the allotment this weekend, so my crochet suffered a little!

This is the Queen Anne Square that I made in one colour as you can see (sorry to point out the bleedin' obvious)

And this one is called Dahlia

I had to teach myself (from the book - there's all the stitches in the back) how to work clusters!

Here is a close up of the work, however it doesn't give you the full effect of the texture created on the square.  It does look very Dahlia like though!

A cluster is 3 or 4 or even 5 treble crochets together - you have to leave one of the loops on the hook, so you could end up with 3, 4 or 5, then you yarn over hook and pull through!
I think that's right anyway!


  1. Wow are you sure you have only just learn't this craft.

    You are doing really well.

  2. Hiya Kella, yes I have only just begun - I must be a natural!
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Fab work Ali, I love the Dahlia. I am determined to get that book somehow. I looked at the date I e-mailed you the amazon link to it and it was Feb 9th, so that's how long I have been trying to get it. I think it may be in circulation again soon though as all merchants seem to say that it will be available at some point. So I will continue with Florence's throw and be patient. M x

  4. I like the queen anne one but the Dahlia is fabulous! I'd be tempted to make the flower bit in a really hot pink with pale green around the outside.

  5. Maureen - I keep my eyes peeled for you wherever I go - I hope to find you a copy.

    Mrs Jones - Yes I like the Dahlia too, it was fun to make - took a while as it involved a lot of pattern following, but I got there in the end!


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