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Friday, 5 March 2010

Day 4


Bet you didn't expect that!
This is Scooby Doo

 I got around to joining another 7 squares to the blanket - my husband kindly took this picutre to show me in action!

And this is the blanket to date....
Its growing!

I solved the green or Stylecraft Pampas wool problem by looking on EbaY and finding a very nice lady with a whole lot in stock, so I ordered 5 balls from her as my wool shop said that their order should be with them by next Thursday, so I feel duty bound to buy some from them as well.

I also finished 5 more "normal" granny squares yesterday too!


  1. Looking good! I'm obsessed with Stylecraft Life DK in Fern, such a gorgeous colour.

  2. Ali it's looking beautiful. I can't wait to get my copy of the 200 crochet blocks. Although I couldn't use any other squares but granny one's in Florence's throw as I have it designed too finely for change now, so I will continue as it it with subtle variations of colour and styled squares. The next project I do though will be mega bright and different.

    BY THE WAY - you need to put your comments link on your allotment blog as I couldn't leave a comment. Well done on the digging, I love it as well, but haven't done any this year yet. Have a great week-end xx


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