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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Day 11 - Already!!

I can't believe how quickly the days go when you have all day to do what you have to do! I am feeding my neighbours lovely cats Poppy & Jack this week, as they have gone to Dartmouth on holidays and the cat feeder that they used to pay a fortune too, who I thrice watched going into their house, and out again in 2 minutes flat, shocked me when I was told their charges.
I put the telly on, watch Egg Heads on BBC2, play with them once they have finished their food and wash up their bowls each evening.

I might take my crochet tonight - oh maybe not as I have Brownies tonight.

Crochet - yesterday I managed these squares......

This is called the Framed Flower

And this is the Lacy Cross

The Big Round &

below is

The big pile up!
Yes, I have all these squares to join together.

Time for another joining session I think, but I need to go to the wools shop for supplies of Brown, Parchment, Terracotta & Ivory - better get my purse out!!

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