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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Lots going on this week!

I am getting a bit lost on which ones I have and haven't made from the book, so that's a job for today

I started by joining another row of 9 squares, so the blanket now weighs a ton and is 9 by 10 squares!
I find it easier to do this job on floor level.  Fortunately I am lucky enough to be able to still get up from a floor sitting position without too much difficulty!

I had to buy a new wool called marble something, as the wool shop has run out of Cocoa and I only have 2 balls of that left - it's ok but it's not a 100% like from me.  I have made a few squares with this in, and I will have to dot them around

This one is called Christmas Rose and I loved putting this one together

This is Snowflake

A traditional granny incorporating the new wool

I think I have made this pattern before, but I have used different colours here

I can't remember the name of this square but I like the finished article.

I have crocheted a load more granny squares, but I didn't want to bore you with all their photo's.

It's raining again outside so the planned trip to the allotment will have to be put on hold - where's my crochet hook?


  1. I like the marble wool, it gives a really good effect.

  2. Ali, I love the new wool, and it looks fab in the granny square. What do your squares measure? mine are 5 inches square, and I am going to stop at 7 squares across and down, (only another 8 sqs to go YEH ) and then put a border in cram / pink of around 1-2 inches all around and a picoted edge along that, then FINITO !!

  3. P.S forgot to say 'well done' on the driving ! as just like your situation, Austin always seems to drive us everywhere and I lost confidence on driving distances since he retired, but him being unable to drive because of the foot op recently has been good for me as I have driven quite a lot over the last few weeks. Even to Dorset to my sisters on Friday. So i know what an achievement you made doing that.

  4. I quite like the marble wool too, and the Christmas rose is lovely.

  5. I am so glad you all like the Marble as I may have to get some more of that due to the Cocoa, Parchment & Paprika all being out of stock this week (but on order) and not due to arrive till next week!
    What a quandry!


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