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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Weekend Days 236 & 237 - Sock Blockers Home Made for FREEEEEE!!

I have updated my ETSY shop & added some fantastic new items to my ETSY Shop Shelfs

There is nothing I like better than "Grabbing a Bargain" or "Saving Money" especially when you see something for sale at an astronomical price, something that you REALLLLLLLY do need - a crafting essential that is a must have!

So in this case it's a Sock Blocker.

I went on EbaY
I went on Amazon
I was shocked by the £20 + price tag so I carried on surfing the www

I found one or two tutorials on how to make these sock blockers, but to me there was one essential thing missing - size

There were several comments left by other people regarding sizing but this was never addressed, so I needed to solve this one for myself.

I then had a light bulb moment!


I got the following items together before I started on my new & latest invention

1. Old place mat from IKEA or similar - you could also use stiff cardboard or an old vinyl tile
2. Strong robust scissors
3. A marker pen
4. A pair of socks

Yes it was as simple as that - I got a pair of my non crocheted socks, as I didn't want marker on them (UK size 4) and put them on the place mat.

I then drew around that sock with a marker pen adding a little "hanger" shape to the top

I then cut that out & using that very shape as a template I drew around it

To make the 2nd Sock Blocker exactly the same size

I love the "hanger" bit that I added to the top as this means that it's easy to pop this on the line or hang where you have available drying hooks e.g. airing cupboard

I gave it a little wash to get the marker pen off


A free pair of sock blockers!

So now, if I make a larger size e.g. Size 7 for my husband, then I will just get a pair of his socks & do the same!

 Saturday was a productive day as I spent time working on my WIP Jumper which I hope to finish today

This leaves me with a few odds & ends of Rowan Pure wool DK

So this is Saturdays & Sundays Squares

 I then wrote out my "To Do" list so that I wouldn't forget anything!!

And so far so good!

Back Blogging tomorrow & thanks for reading

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