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Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 228 - Mandala Crochet A Long - Final Day

 3 weeks ago KPK and I started a Mandala Crochet A Long

And today is the final day!

So the whole pattern is here for you today

Starts here.....

Rnd 1:  Magic Loop or Sloppy Knot, 3ch, 11tr into 3rd ch from hook (sloppy) or into Loop. OR 4ch, join to form a ring, 3ch, 11tr into ring.

Rnd 2:  4ch (counts as 1tr, 1ch) 1tr & 1ch into each st to end. Join with a sl st into 3rd ch of 4ch. Fasten Off.

Rnd 3:  Join a new colour.  1ch, 2dc in each ch-sp, 1dc into each tr to end. Join with a sl st to 1ch.  Fasten Off.

Rnd 4:  Join a new colour directly above a tr from Rnd 2.   3ch.  4trcl (4 treble cluster) miss 2 st  *3ch, 5trcl; rep from * to end. Join with a sl st to 3rd ch of 3ch.

Rnd 5:  1dc in each of the st on top of cl, 3dc in ch-sp. Fasten Off.

Rnd 6:  Join a new colour directly above a cl from rnd 4.  3ch, 1tr in same sp.  Miss 4 st. *2tr, 4ch, miss 4 st; rep from * to end.

Rnd 7:  Using the same colour sl st across to the next ch-sp, *1htr, 2tr, 1dtr, 2tr, 1htr in each ch-sp, dc into 2nd tr of Rnd 6; rep from * to end, join with a sl st in top of 1st htr made. Fasten off.

Rnd 8:  Join a new colour in top of any dtr, 6ch, sl st in next dtr, rep to end. Join with a sl st

Rnd 9:  1ch, *9exdc (extended double crochet = put hook into ch-sp, pull yarn to front, yoh, pull through 1 loop on hook, yoh, pull through both loops on hook)  1htr in top of dtr from round 7; rep from * to end finishing with a htr in top of last dtr from rnd 7, sl st to 1st exdc made.

Rnd 10:  4ch (counts as 1tr, 1ch) miss 1 st.  *1tr, 1ch, miss 1 st ; rep to end.  Join with a sl st to 3rd ch of 4ch. Fasten off.

Rnd 11:  Join a new colour.  1dc in same place, *1bead st in 1ch sp, 1dc in next tr; rep from * to end
Bead Stitch = insert hook in st or ch-sp, pull up a loop (yoh,  pull through 1 loop) 3 times, yoh, pull through 2 loops on hook.

Rnd 12:  1ch, 1dc into each stitch to end.  Fasten off.

Top Tip:  Tease the 3ch to the front of your Mandala so that it forms a "bead"

Rnd 13:  Join a new colour.  2ch, miss 2st, 1htr in next st, 6ch, sl st into 4th ch from hk (this makes a picot).  3tr in sp created by beginning 2ch & htr.  *Miss 2st, 1htr in next st, 6ch, sl st in 4th ch from hk, 3tr in sp created to the right of the last htr; rep from * to end putting final htr in joining ch (not the st from Rnd 12) 6ch, sl st in 4th ch from hk, 2tr & join with a sl st into 2nd ch of beginning 2ch. Fasten off & sew in ends.

And here they both are!
Ta - Dah!

Both KPK & I hope you enjoyed the CAL

Now for more Crochet News:

Do take a look at this fantastic blog post by Vicky
It's all about Granny Squares & includes my bag!

In class today, we also finished off KPK's scarf which she is making from Erika Knights "Crochet Workshop" book
There was a slight twist though as I suggested that instead of sewing one seam to the other that we tried a Join as you Go method which worked very well!  She also decided to finish of the edge with a simple chain & sl st in this lovely "meadow green"

And finally...

If you get the time, please do pay a visit to my New Look Website if you haven't already done so & feel free to leave a comment too!

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