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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day 226 - Website Makeover!!!!!!

I know, I know, these are not Crochet Slippers - these are my Birthday Present - Fit Flop slippers!!
I get through slippers at a rate of knots - I am forever wearing them out - I think that I get through about 6 to 8 pairs a year!!
SO my lovely husband has dug deep in his pockets and paid a lot of money for these robust little caramel beauties.
Please note that I am wearing Crochet Socks in this photo!!

Day 226 is this lovely baby blue cotton flower

And finally....

I have finished one UK Sized 9 sock!

Sock 2 is currently under construction

I am really pleased with my stitch work on this as I am using 4ply & a 2mm hook so very fine work

The moment you have all bee waiting for.........




I have re - hosted my site (that wasn't down to me that was my amazing computer chap who's @conrjac on Twitter) & given it a makeover (that's the bit I did)  at the same time so I hope that you like it.

Please, Please, Please leave me a comment somewhere as I haven't used Wordpress before & it's all new to me.

I have had fun editing it - I should have done it a while ago.  My particular favourite is the "Gallery" page as I have put a lot of recent photo's on there & gone are the ones from yesteryear.  I feel like I have had a Spring Clean in Summer / Autumn!


  1. my trouble with slippers is that I wear them out- literally!
    Out to fetch the post from the front gate, out to put the chickens to bed, out to get something from the shed. . .
    Off to look at the new website now (with slippers on!)

    1. Ahhhh Bunny - I did the same - these have "fit flop" soles so just made of rubber/plastic. I thing the top may wear out before the soles do! I am off to look at getting another pair!


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