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Monday, 5 August 2013

Day 217 - I feel "all official" & we have a WINNER!

I do!  I feel all officially official officially!

I have found a very nice Insurance Company

Ian W Wallace

After completing the application form online, Ian Wallace called me himself to take me through a few points on the policy & I can even pay monthly which helps with budgeting - it's less than £6.50 a month so a good deal if you ask me.

They are going to insure me for teaching whether I teach from home OR from another venue AND have having Craft Fairs etc + my home insurers have also agreed to this cover on my Home Contents policy!!

I have that big fluffy cotton wool wrap warmth feeling now that I know that this is all in place.

I didn't know this - even if you bake cakes from home for a little business then you might not be insured on your home policy! Did you know that?  The moral of this story is - best to phone your insurance company & get it checked out!

Crochet Workshops - September 13

So this morning I sent out 10, yes 10 booking forms for the classes that I have arranged for September.  
It's amazing that from one little advert in the local paper, I have had this much interest.  Actually I have had 14 calls but not all of them can make September workshops so I have noted their details and will let the know when the new classes will start.

Now for some great news


Julie Lever

Who won the Crochet Bundle Giveaway!
You should have an email asking to provide me with your address so check your emails now !!!!

In other news:

I have finished the Crochet Granny Bag
I haven't finished the socks
This is it so far.

I am shattered so I will make Square 217 tomorrow.

That's all for now folks!

1 comment:

  1. received the booking form many thanks- the Blackmore Vale really never fails!- and looking forward to the off!


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