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Monday, 30 April 2012

Granny A Day 121 & Crochet Class News!

My "Saturday Lady" came for a Crochet Lesson today.  She has a weeks holiday, so no I haven't gone mad as I know it's Monday!!

She invested, very wisely, in the 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws & Afghans Book by Jan Eaton (click HERE if you want to get your copy) which is a book that I have myself and is an investment as you can use it over and over for all sorts of projects.

Anyway, she came in with a multitude of fantastically Crocheted squares
Here are just a few

And one of the things we covered in her lesson was joining with Double Crochet.

We also followed the square no. 22 "St Petersburg" which covers fptr & bptr
Front Post Treble & Back Post Trebles
This is my one, which I have made into GAD 121

OK, OK so I have cheated a little bit today, but 

I thought it would be a shame to frog it. I know that the sides look a little wonky at the moment but they will soon straighten out once other squares are joined.

We also covered Square 38 "Dahlia" which uses Popcorn Stitches
We also went over the "ripples" cushion in another favourite book of mine
As she was having problems following the pattern.  It was a little strange, as she's already made two, yes TWO of these cushion covers before.  It was just the way the pattern was written that was stumping her this time!!
I must agree that the way the pattern is written in Black & White is a little questionable and in my opinion and that of "Saturday Lady's" can be written in a more self explanatory way.

So we covered all the "want to's" on her list
Joining Squares
Ripples Cushion 
Blocking Squares
and we even went through
How to add a zip to a cover instead of closing the cushion inner inside
All over a nice cup of coffee too
Which was a great achievement in 2 hours!

I am really pleased with how the lesson went & I am sure that my pupil was too.
It's a real thrill for me when pupils who started as Crochet Beginners, slowly climb the Crochet Ladder and start to work on more advanced stitches and techniques.

*I am smiling*

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time :) I like the yellow square, it looks a bit like a butterfly (in a funny way, yes I know I'm weird).


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