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Sunday, 8 April 2012

GAD # 99 & All In One Toy update

Today - Easter Sunday - has been a very dark, gloomy and damp day here in this part of Surrey, so we battened down the hatches and stayed indoors, apart from a very brief shower dodging  dog walk!

So the rest of my day was dedicated to finishing of down sizing the Lion pattern to approximately half the size, crocheting the finished article & making a start on writing up the pattern.

I am hoping that the All In One Toy pattern, which can be adapted to make a Lion, a Pig, a Bear or a Rabbit, will be a big hit, as it involves VERY little needle work, apart from adding a face to the said toy!!  All the Legs, Arms & Ears etc. are crocheted in without having to join with a needle!

So here is the finished Lion

*the only items that were sewn in with a needle were the face & the mane*

He's the one on the right and the one I made previous (full size without the totally All in One) is the one on the left.

I am so excited!
 I will continue to write up the pattern of the mini lion tomorrow and also make a Bunny / Pig / Teddy Bear version too!

Now for GAD # 99

I must admit that I totally forgot about it until just a few moments ago, so I grabbed a ball of yellow (thinking Easter, Chicks etc) yarn and made a plain Granny Square to mark the occasion of Day 99.

More tomorrow Folks

Happy Easter to you all

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