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Saturday, 7 April 2012

GAD #98 and Inspiration 4 a new Pattern!

Granny A Day # 98 is this little Pink, Yellow, Beige & Lime Green number

After taking a lesson this morning, which I really enjoyed taking PLUS my pupil brought in her finished bear, so I took a little photo shoot of her bear and all the bears that  I have made....

Aren't they FAB?  Well done JC and Hello Blue Bear!

After that, I threw myself into writing a new pattern and taking pictures as I go along the process.

My inspiration came from the Lion that I made yesterday, however what I want to do is to make a TOTALLY 

Not only will it be an All - In - One Toy but you will be able to adapt it to make a Lion, a Bear, A Rabbit, A Pig - whatever really - the possibilities are endless!!

So this pattern will mean that you can crochet without stitching arms, head and legs etc. on after making the main body

I have also reduced the size that it's current Lion (see yesterday's post) is working up too, so I am trying to reduce the whole thing by half and incorporate the All-in-One thing into it.

I am currently half way through, so I have 2 legs, already joined on to half a body with no sewing (so no needle) involved - only a crochet hook.

One calamity was that I ran out of a certain colour wool in mid pattern and I had to rush off to the Wool Shop to try to match the yarn up - I didn't have the band and I knew that it was an old / odd ball that I was using but I managed to get a very good match - phew!!

Would this interest you if I were to PUBLISH this pattern?

The more YES 'es I get the more inspired I will be, so if you read this blog then please let me know if this is a pattern that YOU would like to see and be able to crochet for yourself.

Please send me a comment.  

Crochet On Hookers!!

Thanks for reading



  1. Yes please Ali - would love a toy pattern, especially if made all in one.

  2. sure do enjoy reading and seeing all your "stuff". the pattern for the All - In - One Toy would be a good pattern to have and use. Have made -1- and did not like putting it all together at the end. when I get to the end, I want to be done. am enjoying doing the Granny A Day. always look forward to seeing your colors. Keep up the good work, seems like you do enjoy it. (now back to watching from the background!!) thanks


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