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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

2 New Awards Today!

Thank you Sue at SusanD1408 for this lovely award - I feel very honoured
Now I have to tell you 5 facts about myself and award 5 people.

1.  I am a crochet addict (you might already know this)
2.  My other passion is gardening - particularly at my allotment 
3.  I am a Coeliac and have to follow a very strict Gluten Free Diet
4.  My right ankle plays me up when the weather changes as I had an operation on it to sever the nerve after it was damaged in the Tsunami
5. I have a cocker spaniel who's 13 years old and is deaf

Now for my awards - they go to:

I love all your blogs!

Now for my 2nd award which you can see  top right

Craft Corners Crafting Award

This is a great site for all things crafty
Do go and take a look &
Thank You so much for this award!


  1. Thank you so much Ali for the award. I feel a bit of a cheat as I've not blogged about my crochet since before I went to France for ten days. I have been keeping up with the GAD and the baby blanket is going well. Thank you!

  2. Oh - and congratulations on both your awards. Still love reading your blogs. Gx


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