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Friday, 26 March 2010

No Crochet yesterday....

Due to the fact that I had my Toe operated on!

I went to Sutton Hospital and happened to bump into the Registrar and the Surgeon/Consultant in the corridor, who whipped me straight into the ward and got to work!  I bearly had time to kiss my husband goodbye! (probably a good thing, or I might have blubbered), so the next thing I knew I was sitting on this bed and Mr B had his pen out!!

The next bit was more painful as he injected my ankle 3 times - OUCH! and I waited for the stuff to kick in and for my foot to go numb.

In the meantime the nurses, one trainee, Michelle & one senior nurse Lynne took my blood pressure, filled out forms and said reassuring things!

The next thing I know I was asked to put on my gown and I was whipped off down the ward and into the operating theatre.

It was very strange being awake during the procedure, chatting away whilst Mr B did what he had to do.  Towards the end he said "would you like to see?"  So the little curtain was pulled down and he showed me my toe bone and let me watch him stitching me up!! 

After wrapping me in what they call a comedy bandage - being called so because it looks like something out of  a cartoon, I was whisked back to the ward and brought a cup of tea.

The nurse came to say that I couldn't go home until Mr B had come to see me.  I asked if this was usual, she said no!  Mr B arrived, told me not to worry, and that all had gone well, and that my recovery may be sooner than the 4 weeks that they put on paper - more likely to be 2 weeks, so fingers crossed that that is the case!!

Half an hour later, my darling Hubby arrived and I was taken home.

As you can see, I have a lovely "boot" to wear.  I had to sit like this all night and for the next 3 days. Oh Er!  Hubby has to go to a meeting today, so I have neighbours coming in to check on me during the day. Isn't that kind?

To end this post I would like to say thanks to the Doctors and Nurses that looked after me yesterday.


  1. Get better soon toe! Have to say I love the reassuring arrows pointing the right way! Ideal time for crochet though??

  2. Yes, me too and I am glad he got the right foot too! That was a little joke between us since the last appt. when he KEPT on referring to the left foot!! Imagine that! haha

  3. Glad it all went well - hope they've given you some lovely, lovely painkillers. I had some minor cosmetic surgery done a few years ago (some nasty moles on my face that I'd had enough of) that was done under local anaesthetic. I was also extremely surprised to find myself in a proper operating theatre, wide awake, surrounded by a full team, all gowned up and everything - for some reason I'd imagined a sort of dentist's chair arrangement! Did they say how you'd come to have a ganglion in the first place?

  4. I'm also glad it went without a hitch, and please take it easy 2 weeks or not.

  5. Good luck and a speedy recovery !

  6. Owwee. Hope it gets better soon. You now have the perfect opportunity to crochet yourself silly. I bet you have a pile of projects on the go.

  7. Mrs Jones - yes it was a little surreal being totally awake and fully aware whilst it was all going on!

    Louise - thank you! I love your blog by the way!! & yes, I have started a new "vintage stripy blanket" project which I will post about today



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