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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I conquered the Willow!

Yes, I did it, I managed to sort out where I was going wrong!

I started again, right from the begining, counted and re counted how may trebles I was supposed to have at the end of each round and it just went "click"

It was saying, 5ch then 1dc into 5th chain from hook. I was putting my hook into the 5th chain on the round, not the 5th from the hook!  PING

So as you can see, I finished the square!

And here is a detailed photo of my work!

And I finished off the evening with a Bright Flower Square

Doggy news

 I took her to the vets and even though the vet saw her walk, which is badly and I told her she was having trouble getting up the stairs, she said it was because the groomer had cut to close to her little bottom and it was sore, so she gave me some cream!
Well she's no better this morning - still having trouble with stairs, so I asked an online vet (cost $15) and he said that she might have slipped a disc or similar to bed rest is needed for a few days.
So that's what we will do and see if she improves, if not she's going to have to go back, but probably to a new vets!!


  1. sorry to hear your doggy news, hope the little one has a speedy recovery xxx

  2. Oh I hope you get Purdie sorted out soon. How annoying to get to differing diagnosis.
    I knew you would crack that pattern, it looks so neat, perfect corners.
    M x

  3. Glad you conquered the square.. hope woofer feels better soon!

  4. Doggy is improving daily thanks. I must find a new vets - note to self!!

    Yes I am glad I conquered the square too, I think I was too tierd when reading the pattern that evening - glad I went back to it the next day!


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