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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Days 61 & 62 Video Tutorials

 I am still working on perfecting that Rose Pattern!
As you can see above, I have tried the edge with doubles & also trebles, but I am still undecided as to what I prefer.

However I did come across a HUGE mistake I made on the pink rose, so I had to frog it and start again!

I just thought I would share this with you - my "working" stash.

These are the current colours that I am working with, over several WIP's 

 So they stay in my basket, close to where I happen to be sitting at the time.  The rest of my stash is in my Crochet Classroom on the Stash Shelf!

 I decided to give this "Lacey Filet Crochet" a try

There was a pattern in Inside Crochet magazine, so I decided to give it a go.

I decided to make my video tutorials available separately to my eLearning Course, which is where they were previously exclusive to.  Click on the Video Tutorials TAB at the top of this page for more information.

I have also started to make a pair of slipper boots from the Crochet Workshop book that I mentioned to you yesterday

I ordered my book from Amazon & it arrived, along with the one that my pupil wanted, so I thought I had better try one of the patterns out.

But first - here is Days 61

And 62

And back to the slipper boots....

They are very comfy

And warming

I used Stylecraft Special in Chunky "Denim"

The only thing that I did differently to the pattern was to use a 6.5mm hook instead of a 7mm hook as after I completed my Tension Swatch I realised that I would have to go a little tad smaller as I only have size 37 (UK 4) feet!

All I need to do now is to attach some leather soles & heels so that they last a little longer, so I will be scouring eBaY for some scraps!

I also spent a large proportion of my day creating more lessons for Course 2 on my eLearning course.
Course 1 is available here

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