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Friday, 15 March 2013

Day 74 & The Crochet Project is here! YAY

I can't believe that it's already Day 74

It's been a busy week.

I have been very busy teaching this week & agreeing to extend workshops
I have also been busy trying to find more affordable advertising for my classes.

I am a "cottage industry" yet I have to pay the same amount for advertising space as, say, a big business in the area.  If I pay e.g. £50 for an ad, I have to at least get 1 response to break even (well actually £2 short) yet if a kitchen company take out the same size ad and get 1 response & sell a £5,000 kitchen they are quids in!

My other frustration this week is my top secret project.  I have emailed photo's of my work, all along the way and I have made the changes asked for and even made mock ups first - anyway, I was given the "go ahead" and now that I have almost finished the project, ready to post out early next week and 1 week ahead of deadline, I get an email late this evening to say "can you try this colour scheme."  

Anyway, Day 74 is now upon us and here it is 

 This is thanks to my lady "W" who came for a One 2 One class this morning.  She originally came to one of my Beginners Group Workshops but decided that a few One 2 One classes would put her in good footing.

And finally.....


Take a look at this new and fantastic online Crochet Magazine packed FULL of amazingly lovely patterns

I will leave you too it!

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  1. Oh I am so sorry. Arggggghhhhh is definitely the word :(


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