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Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 84 - Not a lot to tell you - sorry - only joking!!

Take a look at this lovely blog

by my Twitter Friend Mrs Crafty Pants (don't you just LOVE that name?) @mrscraftypants if you want to follow a great twitter!

Now, she sent it to me, to show off her new Granny Square Blanket & you have to admit that it's beautiful.

She also put in the amount of hours she'd spent in creating it, so I decided to do a little calculation & left a comment for her which said

"I love it and I love the way you've calculated the time it's taken you too! So paying you the minimum wage of say £6.20 an hour and not taking the cost of the wool into consideration that's £365.80"

So do think carefully before you give your works of art away willy nilly - make 100% sure that they go to someone that will cherish them forever, turn them into a family heirloom but in the meantime, be possessively selfish about sharing it before handing it to the next generation!

I have had a teaching free day today, and although I didn't complete the 200% on my Top Secret Project yesterday, I did managed to make up for it today and whatever it is that I am working on is looking rather delightful, so much so that I really don't want to post it to the person that commissioned it, when it's finished!!

Day 84 (where is this year going?) is 


Another new colour added!
I must sort out all the bits of wool and yarn that I have been sent as I know some are doubles of what I have already and some people have been so generous that I have plenty for more than one square, but I only have time for my commission work, blogging & teaching crochet at the moment so it will have to wait!

And now for some WIP's from other Crocheters to inspire you all.....

This lovely blanket to be is a WIP from @MrsSnufflebean

And this is a headband WIP from @brklynhousewife over the pond in USA who is a lovely lady, who crochet's & knits a lot for charity

And I just love this Heart Wreath by +Alithealien Crochet 

She's also and Amigurumi expert & has made the group KISS

 And @mrspeacock has started this Bunny from @simplycrochet magazine

And if you follow this link....

You will see an amazing WIP from @alinurts

And Finally - News Just In!
Inside Crochet Magazine is available for sale this Thursday 28th!
Just in time for the long Easter Weekend!



  1. Ali that was a great blog you did today by posting Mrs Crafty Pants blanket and then some of your followers WIP and mine included and thanks for that. There are so many talented people out there crocheting different projects and I am just amazed by it! I know you are really busy but when you get a chance take a look at my blog at julieslifestyle.blogspot.com and you can see some of photos from my day in NYC yesterday. Take care and have a good night. Your yarn friend, Julie USA

  2. Thanks so much for giving me a big mention Ali xxxx


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