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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Free Tutorial for GAD 364 & 365

I have been asked to do a free tutorial by a few of you on my Crochet Case that I made the other day, so GAD 364 &365 is going to be exactly that!

The nice thing about this is that you can make it to your specifications with the left over yarns / wools that you have.

I made this Crochet Case using UK Half Trebles - so US Half Double Crochet & DK with a 4mm hook

For the foundation chain I used the Foundation Double Crochet - if you don't know how to replace a basic foundation chain with a FDC then please go to Crochet Spot  for a great photo tutorial.  Once you have learnt this way of making a foundation chain, you'll never look back!

I wanted a wide case, so I chained 47 + 2 = 49

So, with your foundation chain of 49, htr into the 3rd chain from the hook and htr to the end.

At this point you turn your work, chain 1 (if you chain 2 you'll get a gap) and htr to the end.

You can change colour here OR keep the same colour going - it's your choice.

I Crocheted 28 rows in total

Then I made the border using DC (US SC) all the way around - adding a chain space in each corner

I then folded it to the shape that I wanted - so in my case a deep pouch with a small flap
& I chose some material to line it with.

I simply cut the material to shape with pinking shears and machine stitched around the edge.

The next thing is to get that shape back - so pouch and a flap.

As you can see from the picture below, I double crocheted the pouch area edging in green up either side

I then changed to yellow to DC the border of the flap - adding a loop for the button

I sewed a button into place and

Ta - Dah

I now have a huge great crochet case that is deep enough for all my Crochet bits and bobs!

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