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Monday, 31 December 2012

366 Granny Squares for 2012

Well today is day 366 of 2012


I have achieved the challenge that I set myself this time last year, which was to Crochet a Granny Square a day

I now have the most amazing blanket

Here are some of my favourite squares

Some which hold a special meaning and some which are simply lovely crochet squares

Some are Traditional Granny Squares and some are a variation on that theme....

Here are some "Traditional" Granny Squares

below is a slight variation on the "Traditional"

My Blood Drop Square - I gave blood that day and my blood group is B +

A Flower square

And a Valentines Square (the heart is on it's side due to my poor photo editing - sorry)

Again poor photo editing for my Leap Year Square

A Sunny Flower, which I probably made in class & transformed into my square for that day

A couple of more unusual flower squares


This is my Christmas Day Square

 The Dorset Flag Square commemorates the day I moved to Dorset

And this is my Wimbledon Tennis Square

I remember making this flower in a class that I was teaching that day.  I loved it so much that I had to "GAD" it

 Another class effort - Bavarian Crochet Square

And now for some squares with a difference....

And finally but unfortunately upside down.....

The Olympic Flame which passed through Blandford Forum
The Olympic Flag

And these squares are the ones that my Crochet Days Students made in class in September

I love these squares

And here it is!

A Granny Square a Day for 2012

A Square A Day for 2013 starts tomorrow!


  1. This is a truly awesome achievement - you have far more stamina than I. Happy New Year, missus!!

  2. This is so cool! I decided to do the Granny-A-Day project this year, and that reminded me that I was trying to keep track of all your squares, so I went looking for your finished project. I LOVE how you have themed squares and squares based on the holidays. Your blanket turned out very beautiful, I love it! You're an inspiration--but I won't steal any of your ideas! :)

    1. Thanks Kaleigh - You can steal any ideas you like - it's good to inspire others! I can't wait to see some photo's of your squares! Ali x


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