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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Day #56 & WIP continues at last!

Granny A Day 56 is here with a Beige centre, Lilac surrounding that, an Orange penultimate row and a Maroon final row - row 4 

I really love the totally RANDOM way

That all the squares are so different - had I actually sat there and thought about it e.g. done it in one go, then it would never have turned out so slap dash!

And finally I have carried on with a few motifs for the top I am making which is one of my works in progress.  

I hope to make some more tonight.
Fingers crossed.

1 comment:

  1. Your afghan looks really interesting and cottagy,but those fine pretty snowflake pieces of crochet looks so fine and you probably have to have a lot of patience.I've just started crocheting and have just turned my first orange square into a cell phone pouch for my mom's new Tracfone prepaid LG800G smart phone which has a large touch screen. As the phone cost $50 I didn't want the screen to scratch or crack otherwise I'd have to buy a new one, it doesn't pay to just replace the broken screen.
    I've seen a picture of a French bedroom where grandma's fine white doilies were mounted in square white frames on a pale blue wall above a bed. The doilies made the room look so refined, classy and romantic. I'd like to try this myself.


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