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Monday, 13 February 2012

Day #44, Bag Lined, Valentines Card & a New Class

Not in the order of the title above!!

Firstly I made a blue crocheted heart
For my Husband's Valentines Card
Blue is his favourite colour - see how wonderful crochet is!!

 Oh it looks black in this picture, but it's 100% as blue as in the picture above

I do hope he'll be pleased with it.

Next is the bag that I started in a class on Saturday.
I finished it and all I had to do was to line it.

So out came "old faithful" my vintage Singer Sewing Machine

And I got to work sewing the two sides together

I then pinned it to the inside of the bag, hemming in the top as I went along

Making sure that it was even all the way around

And I sewed it into place

Et Voila!  
Apart from a catch its all done.

Next is my Granny A Day for Day 44
I think it's some Football Team's colours but I can't think who's it is

And finally, I had a new pupil today
She had been on a Crochet Group Class before but that was over a year ago,
so I think she did ever so well to do as well as she did today.

We went through all the basics
Foundation Chain
Slip Stitch
Double Crochet and
Trebles too!

Here's a practice swatch that she made.
The picture doesn't actually do it justice as it was very "square" when I took the photo.

Her ambition is to make amigurumi toys and she brought in a book of patterns full of ghouls and ghosty's, vampires and monsters!  They look SO cute.
She also want's to make Granny Squares too so a great mix of modern and traditional.  I can't wait!

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