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Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Weekend of Days 152 & 153.....

Saturday 1st June & Sunday 2nd June

It's a lovely sunny day today, so I abandon all chores / housework duties that I can get away with e.g. cleaning etc. & I take my Crochet kit into the garden 

And get hooking out there

Whilst getting a tan at the same time!

So this is my new improved version of my jumper - I did sit there thinking "I must be mad - I am sitting in the sun, crocheting a JUMPER with Pure New Wool!"  I am just grateful that it isn't that "large" at the moment, otherwise I may have had to abandon that particular project.

As you have probably gathered, I like to crochet in "Rainbows" and this is what is on my table today!

My Crochet Kit Case, my Personal Organiser Cover & the start of my Jumper.

Have you seen this?

Knit Now Magazine are offering one of the Crochet eLearning Bundles from the Yarn & Craft Shop as a prize giveaway.


Do take a look at this link

Bodkin  is the New UK craft Ezine PDF - Knitting, crochet, fibre dying, sewing, upcycling and lots more

And this one too.....

Yes, I have opened an ETSY shop - more designs will follow soon!

So you can see I have been busy!!


  1. Hi just joined your cute blog! I like to abandon my chores too sometimes!! Good for you!

    I like working with wool myself, and have a nice project started with it that I need to finish.

    I will cruise around your suggested links!

    Have a wonderful crochet day and don't get sunburned!! Sandy

  2. I've been indulging in some outdoor crochet it's a good idea getting a tan at the same time unfortunately I only ever go red :)


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