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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Day 162 - Got lots done!!

Well I set myself a goal today

as I finished 2 commissions yesterday & I am still in the 
"waiting for wool" to arrive stage

for the other 2 that I have

that was to cock mock up and write up the patterns for the next two
so they are at least semi ready on paper, or should I say on "word" and almost ready to go.

Almost ready to go - I say this because I always double check my pattern when making up the "final piece" and there are always errors and bits to add on as inspiration comes to me along the way.

I also had an email for another commission this morning, but that that's in early days stages yet, so no panic.

I am excited that I will be going to the post office tomorrow with one piece to send out to a new magazine, so they will be getting a Pink Parcel in the post soon!

I also took a One2One class today - one o f my ex pupils that came to one of my workshops a little while ago.  She's come unstuck following a very cute baby cardigan pattern, but I soon got her back on the right track & the hour went SO quickly.

Finally Day 162 is here......

Don't you just love this soft peach colour? It's Sirdar Snuggly DK shade 0423
I know that I am not normally that specific about the wool (this is actually 55% Nylon & 45% Acrylic) but as I have said before I am an old fashioned girl and when I was smaller a ball of wool was a ball of wool whatever it was made of!
Anyway this ball of wool happens to be sitting just beside me, so that's why I have the information to hand & yes it's not a "scrap" but I have just borrowed some from the ball - same thing right?? 


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