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Saturday, 2 June 2012

GAD 154, 155, 156, 157, 158 & 159

Oh my goodness gracious!

Yes, I have made several GAD's to tide me over, not only the weekend but also the days coming up to the big day


So here they are, in true Granny A Day style
Commemorating the days......

Today GAD 154, 2nd June 2012 is the first day of the Jubilee Celebrations
So I made a simple Red, White & Blue Square

Tomorrow GAD 155, 3rd June 2012 is the Queens Special Day
So I tried to replicate the Union Jack

It didn't turn out too bad!!

Monday is 4th June 2012 and another Jubilee Celebration day so I made each Granny Shell in rows 1, 2 & 3 from combinations of Red, White and Blue
Framing them with a Red border

And finally, Tuesday 5th June 2012 is our extra Bank Holiday Jubilee Day
So another Red, White & Blue variation

And here they are, all together, joined into the blanket, so I will remember this time forever more when I look back in years to come at my lovely Granny A Day Blanket....

.....But that's not all!

On Wednesday 6th June 2012, it will be my last day at this home here in Carshalton in Surrey.
Now, I don't know if you know this, but Carshalton is Lavender country, so I thought that a plain Granny Square in Lavender would commemorate this day perfectly.....

....And on Thursday 7th June 2012, I will move to Dorset

This is the Flag of Dorset

And this is the Granny Square that I created today, in between packing boxes, to remember my
moving day

I had to make the square with the White and Yellow first, and sew in the red border of the white cross once the square was finished.

I do hope you like it and forgive me if I don't blog between now and next Thursday.
But I might do!

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