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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Spiral Granny Blanket

I took my curtain tie backs to the local craft shop, so that I could get the colour match right, not just guess whilst there and get it wrong!

I found the pattern I was after - I fancied a Granny Square blanket, but I wanted a twist and I was lucky enough to find a Spiral Granny Pattern on You Tube

So I got my 4 colours and my 6.5mm hook ready in front of the computer screen and followed the online instructions

Pausing every now and then to make sure that I recorded my efforts with my camera

The Spiral effect started to show

And with the chunky wool I had chosen the blanket started to grow

I had to be careful to make sure all the sides were even as the blanket got bigger, as I was working around and around, changing colours every so often

As the blanket grew, the spiral effect got more and more stunning

And finally it's finished - I am thrilled with the end result.
It took approx 40 hours to make and wool costs were £50
If I were to make one like this for sale, it would cost around £250 to buy - and that's only charging £5 per hour to cover my time - less than the minimum wage!!!

Credit where credit is due - thanks to Smooth Fox for the You Tube video tutorial

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