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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wool / Yarn Bag Review

Yarn Bag / Bin  Premium Yarn Bin/Drum storage for crochet and knitting. Lightweight and portable with pockets for your hooks and tools. Handy slits on top to stop tangling and a comfy carry handle

This was made possible by Happy Crocheting
I have been designing Crochet for books and magazines for a few years now, and I have always put my complete project needs and notions in a separate bag, normally a sturdy supermarket carrier bag, you know the plastic type that you have to pay 10p (or more) for - the same ones that make that awful crackling sound each time you delve into it, especially when the family are sitting down in front of the TV and it seems 10 times louder!  Well guess what - I fret about that no longer!
Mike from Happy Crocheting, sent me his Yarn or Wool Bag / bin to review and I was more than happy to do so, once I saw a picture of it from the link he sent me, which is where he sells them via Amazon

The Make Up:happy-crocheting
Happy Crocheting cleverly use a robust woven exterior with a lovely cotton (not cheap tacky plastic) interior.  The round base is 26cm in diameter & with a height of 30cm there is plenty of room on the inside (more of that later).
There is a generous pocket on the front where you can stash your pattern, tape measure, stitch markers & more + there are three crochet hook pockets too!
The zip goes almost all the way around the top, which is really handy, as it "flips back" total, for easy access to all  your crochet goodies inside.
There are 2 long slits in the lid of the bag where you can pass the tail ends of your wool through & a sturdy handle with the option of attaching a shoulder strap should you need to travel with this delightful product.
First Impressions:
When this bag arrived, I was impressed with not only the quality but also the look of the bag, as it's in a lovely neutral weave that has a hint of sheen to it.
I was about to start a commission for a magazine, so I thought I would put it to the test. 
Here's what I put inside:
  • 6 balls of wool / yarn
  • 3/4 bag of toy stuffing (the lounge cushion size you buy from the shops - I kid you not 3/4's of a bag!!)
  • My project note book
  • 3 crochet hooks
  • 1 pen
  • stitch markers
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • sticky note pad
  • washi tape &
  • a spare hook (you never know)
There was plenty of room inside for more and it all sat in this "silent" bag really neatly - not more crackling of plastic, once you had your wool / yarn tail ends threaded out of the top slits!
Using the bag:
This spacious bag was so lovely to use.  I took it on a few car journeys (when my husband was driving of course) and I hooked happily away without my wool getting tangled, but more importantly, all my wool was "to hand", as were all my other notions.
Everything you need is there! No mess, all organised, no fuss, no searching for the stitch marker every again, as there is a place for all you need for your project.
I would highly recommend any hooker out there to get one of these bags.  I really think that this bag would be an asset to anyone that crochets.  You can take your projects with you anywhere - IN STYLE!
I already have my next commission stashed away in there!

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