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Monday, 26 September 2016

Another amazingly HOOKY weekend!

We all gathered for 10am, armed with tea and delicious biscuits, we introduced ourselves
My pupils were given a ball of glitzy yarn. As you can see this was a very exciting moment and the yarn was a great hit with all. 
I love to do "show And tell" so out came a few projects including this amazing granny blanket
I love the way DB has used white in every other round. 
SC brought in her cardigan which neede ever so slight adjustment on the back. 
She had been a very good Hooker and made a tension square before starting but the back came up huge!! So help was needed to correct this "pattern error" and pinning saved the day.
The design / make for the weekend was a slipper kit. All were given a beautifully present kit purchased from Joes Toes and when I mentioned that we were going to design slippers, my pupils were in shock!!
But just look at them knuckling down to it and look at what they made!!  
Buttons and felt appliques  were added to give each pair a flair!!    

Using the wool winder was good fun and we also worked on our WIPs
 Then out came the FIMO

 We had fun rolling out the colours, making a mess of the table & squidging bits of this to that to create our custom hook handles.

I wasn't taking any chances this time.  I read the "baking" section over and over and in they popped for about 10 mins in all.

Fortunately they came out fine this time & it was smiles all round - SuCeSS!

  Birthday Girl!! 

Yes, we had a Birthday Girl with us all weekend!!  She couldn't think of a better way to spend her day than hooking away with like minded people - what a fab Birthday Day!!

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