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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Week 22 - Crochet Makes by me & my pupils!

I would like to start this weeks blog post off with 2 personal great bits of news:

First is this latest feedback that I received on my book:

This book really bridges the gap from learning the first stiches; to actually tackling a full on pattern. The book uses a very clever "traffic light" system to guide you through the basic stitches into actually starting a project.

The book I describe as "man-friendly", as any newbie male crocheteer would find useful and interesting projects on which to start, for example hats and socks. This book is very inclusive to all people.

The book is good as it always encourages the crocheter to have a try on their own and experiment.
As soon as they feel confident.

I would recommend this book to any friends who wish to learn the art of crochet; and I look forward to the next publication from this author.

And secondly is that I have been reunited with my lovely blanket!

This is the one of the patterns that I made for the book CROCHET by DK Books & I am thrilled to have it back after it's whirl wind modelling tour!

Now for some "pupil" makes:

Squares ready to be joined together

An African flower


A cushion cover WIP

Two Mandala Coasters

Bavarian Crochet

More squares found deep in a crochet project bag

More Bunting!

More African Flowers

And finally, I even spied a crochet hat on the new series of Orange is the new Black!

This week I took 3 news beginners workshops - one was a private class and the other 2 were jammed packed to the brim with 6 in each group (the most beginners I will teach at one time as I don't think it's fair otherwise) I also took 2 more private lessons & a workshop of 3 "Improvers"

I have managed to keep on top of my commissions & I have even managed to add to my Triangle a Day blanket!

So, I have had a great crochet week - have you?

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