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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Week 21 Buttons, Bavarian, Mandala's & More!!


Meet Chard!
I made him for my friends up the road at Goldhill Organics
Isn't he just adorable?


I love them & when I was teaching at Sparrow UK this week I saw these lovely buttons 

Beautifully presented

And too good to undo

So I decided to turn them into wall art

In my classroom

And they look FAB


My pupils have gone Mandala Mad

These are just 2 of the ones made this week


One of my pupils AR brought this amazing bag to show off - isn't it lovely?  It's from Lucy - Attic 24 and is just adorable.

To think she couldn't crochet a few months ago & hates or maybe I should change that to dislikes to crochet in colour!  Maybe I have been a Rainbow influence on her??

We also practiced Basketweave stitch

Which turned out rather well I thought

Bavarian Crochet Workshop

On Saturday 31st May, 6 pupils attended my All Day Bavarian Crochet Workshop

These are both made in DK, but look at the difference tension makes to the size!

Understanding the pattern can be a little tricky

As there are lots of "clusters" and decreases to contend with

But once you get the hang of it

It's not only therapeutic, but addictive too!

And fun of course

Other FAB crochet work to show you

One of my pupils made this flower in DMC and gave it to me to put on my favourite dog walking hat, which I have done and it looks GREAT!

This is the latest update on the Triangles blanket

FE made a necklace inspired by the new Crochet book by DK Publishing
This is a really good book, so well put together & with some great photo's and of course patterns by a lot of amazingly talented designers.

Another WIP by JP - loving it so far

This lady was chuffed to bits when she made her first round of a Granny Square

BP has made this lovely cushion cover

And a baby hat which was whisked off to Australia

That's it from me this week hookers!

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