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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Week 5 - How Hooky can you get?

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Do you live in North Dorset?
Would you like to have a fun woolly day out with like minded people?
Then do get in touch.
Don'you just love this yarn?

It's 100% cotton as was bought by one of my pupils who went to Boston, America

I got my nails done this week by The Nail Workshop
I like to have my nails looking nice, especially when I am teaching as my nails are looked at a lot!

I have been keeping up to date with my 2014 Triangle a day blanket.
I shall be making 3 more today so that I am up to date until tomorrow which will be day 39.
I am not worried about the sticky out edges as they will all be "hidden" once another triangle is added & yes, I have a lot of tail ends to deal with.

I don't know about you but I am fed up of all the rain & mud

Two of my pupils bought me presents this week.

The Giant Blue 12mm hook came from CF who bought this from the internet for me & the bamboo handle hook came from the US thanks to SB

What a lucky Crochet Teacher I am!
I must have a count up of all the crochet hooks I own one day soon - how hooky can YOU get?

My "Crochet" book arrived from DK publishing this week.  It has my Baby Blanket patter & my Fish Garland pattern in it, however to my surprise, when I opened up a Crochet magazine, there was MY blanket advertising the book!!

And here are the Improvers who are all working hard on their Baby Cardigans
We decided last week, to do a Baby Cardigan project all together.  This week we made a start on the neckline & homework is to progress as much as possible.

Once this cardigan is made (it's fairly plain) we are going to all re design the bottom part e.g. they are all going to choose a stitch pattern to use & make it their own on the next one.

Considering this lady couldn't crochet 3 weeks ago, she's done a marvelous job of colour changes in a Granny Square.

And so has her Daughter too!

I did to go Sparrow UK this week but unfortunately I didn't take any photo's which is a shame as I really wanted to show you their brilliant homework.

If you remember, last week they learnt to JAYGo in Chunky (I always teach in Chunky) & their homework was to make 4 squares & JAYGo in dk as some of them had been asking about working in dk.  Well they all did a super marvelous job of it & I can only hope that they all bring back their lovely JAYGo work next week for a photographic session.
The workshop itself was as always, full of laughs and great banter.  I love teaching this group, in fact I love teaching ALL of my pupils!

Until next week

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